GBA is the world's first global call center alliance that brings together independent BPO providers from Asia, Europe and America. With a single point of contact for our clients, we offer a variety of BPO services in multiple languages by native speakers at the same quality and local prices of each country. Currently, there are 15 companies that are members of GBA and cover 30 languages.

Our features

Depending on your business requirements, you can choose the location, language and facilities. Each site provides stable high quality service according to GBA world standards.

Multilingual Network

Cover more than 60% of the population with more than 30 languages


World standard level of services with local prices

One-stop Service

Contact us wherever you are, whatever language you want

Strong with Asian Market

We are especially strong in Asia, which accounts for over 60% of the world's population

Wide Variety of English Services
with Cost Effectiveness

Along with 30 Languages, we also provide cost effective English services from a variety of sites. It allows our clients to choose their preferred English depending on location, accent, price etc.

Here are voice samples from six (6) of GBAs English language delivery locations.

Accent by Location

GBA Company Introduction Video

GBA's global network, which spans Asia, Europe, America and Africa, enables us to provided smooth operations with the language and location which clients prefer.


Call Service

Email Support

Chat Support


IT Development

Our Clients


GBA is now looking for new members who would like to join our alliance. Joining GBA Provide you a global environment, increase competitive capabilities by sharing best practices and standardizing operational models from other members around the world. Furthermore, it let you access to larger and global buyers by strengthening the multi-territorial and multi-language offer that could not be reached by one member on its own.

Our Updates

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global bpo alliance

Headquarters: Via 1 Maggio 13 20037, Paderno Dugnano, Milano, Italy
Registered Office: 21 Bukit Batok Cresent #24-72 Wcega Tower, Singapore

Email: [email protected]

English: +63 282482887
Spanish: +57 1 888 412 38 36
French: +33 1 76 54 20 63
Chinese: +86 13002101503
Bengali: +88 01927111 000

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