Our Broad Range of Services

GBA provides a broad range of call center multilingual BPO services focused on achieving measurable, total customer satisfaction for your business. We employ dedicated or share agents, technically-trained teams on an integrated, multi-channel platform to provide comprehensive product/ service support. We tailor the support process, including required activities, escalation procedures, and system-level reporting to meet the specific needs of your business. Additionally, we provide insight into your future product development initiatives by analyzing product-related contact patterns gathered from technical support functions.

Contact Center

With the diversification of services and products, the formats of contact centers are becoming more diverse. We offer a wide range of contact center services, from a simple receptionist to complex operational and knowledgeable technical support. We also offer a wide range of language and operation time options.

  • Multilingual Call Support
    We currently offer 30 major languages from around the world. Depending on the requirements, we can provide as many languages as you need such as 10 languages at a time, one language only, English 20seats, French 5 seats, etc.
  • Cost Effective & Various English Support
    English is the standard language for global BPO players. However, at GBA, in addition to the Philippines, where all the BPO players from all over the world are gathered, there is also a wide variety of English speaking countries such as Bangladesh, where prices are currently the cheapest in the world, and Malaysia, where has a strong asset of Asian English such as Singlish. Furthermore, our English services can reduce costs by up to 70-80% when compared to its U.S. counterpart.
  • Recall Service
    If a product or service is found to be defective, a prompt recall is required. The quicker we respond, the better the impression we can make on the end user. We have the experience to respond to recalls, and we can assemble a team quickly, then take the necessary actions as soon as possible.
  • Outbound Tele Sales
    In coordination with your sales objectives, GBA has the expertise to design, build, and manage customer acquisition and sales solutions that enable you to meet and exceed your revenue goals. We manage these sales centers in both inbound and outbound environments.

Non-voice Support

In recent years, communication between friends and family members is increasingly done through non-voice email and chat as compared to telephone communication. As a result, more and more end users are using email and chat to access customer support rather than the phone. Therefore, enhancing non-voice channels will improve the user customer support experience of your company.

  • Game Chat Support
    With the proliferation of smartphones, the demand for chat support is increasing as well as email support. Especially for customer support and helpdesk support for smartphone applications (games, shopping, life services, etc.), live chat support is increasingly being adopted by our clients.


Internet has become a part of our life and SNS is getting more important in both business and daily life. Now we provide web/ SNS monitoring services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Live Streaming apps, and any other website or clients' platform.

  • SNS Text Monitoring
    Not only for individuals, but also for companies, the transmission of information on social networking sites is becoming more and more important, and "flaming" have become a major problem. We are the first to detect "flaming" or the posts that lead to it and protect our clients' services and products.
  • Live Streaming App Video Monitoring
    Various live-streaming apps are being launched every day, and monitoring and reporting of violations by distributors is becoming essential for smoother app operation. We offer 24/7 manned monitoring service according to our customers' requirements.

IT Development

In addition to customer support, helpdesk and technical support, we also undertake IT-related development work such as website creation and software development.

  • Website Design & Development
    Strengthening customer support can improve your company's image and brand. However, the design and function of a website also plays a major role in improving communication with end users and corporate image. We take care of everything from website design to development.